Marketing & Branding

Management and Promotion of Artists in the Japanese Market

Charles Fazzino

World renown 3D pop artist from New York US

Planning and Management of Art Shows

Organization and management of Charles Fazzino 3D Art Shows in art galleries and event spaces of over 80 prestigious department stores throughout Japan

List of clients
A glimpse of the art shows

Original Order Production of Charles Fazzino 3D Art

Selected Frames

All frames are made in a studio in Japan by expert craftsmen.
We do not make frames just to exhibit artwork. We believe frames are also a part of the artwork. Our frames are made under the supervision of frame designers.

In addition, we frame the same piece in numerous ways, and take requests to match the customer’s preference.

We coordinated the pieces below and frame according to the request of this gourmet hamburger restaurant to match their style.

Production of Merchandise and Novelty Items

We produce merchandise and novelty items to enhance the artist’s work for a new market. We are able to order directly from factories abroad.

Tote bags and enamel bags
Handmade pin brooches
Paper bags
Wall calendars
Paper fans
Zinzooong Mini Ping Pong Table
Fun Art Mug

Hidden artwork/image will appear when pouring hot liquid into it

Public Transportation Posters On trains, subways, busses, taxis, etc.
Electronic signage
Elevator advertising
Banner ads
Pamphlets to introduce artists and artwork
Promotional leaflets
Direct Mail Postcards
SNS marketing